Watch: Moose vs. Wolf via Drone


Drones have become “trail cameras in the sky” and give us a perspective and a view of wildlife and the outdoors never seen before.  This incredible video footage was intended to follow a railway line, yet suddenly the drone encounters a wolf attacking a moose in the water.

Intense Interaction

If you enjoy watching life and death struggles, this clip is for you.  You are about to see a wolf relentlessly attack an adult cow moose.  Because the moose is belly-deep in a lake, the wolf has to swim while the moose can stand in the water.  Initially, the wolf seems to have no chance to kill the huge animal, yet as you will see, the situation changes.

Innocuous Drone

If you have been around drones, you know that they make a distinct sound, yet as this predator/prey battle rages, only once does the moose glance up at the strange noise above it.  This is an incredibly realistic view of the wild and you will quickly become engaged within it.

Watch: Moose vs. Wolf via Drone

SOURCESporting Classics Daily
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Joe Byers
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