Yamaha Introduces Six-Passenger ATV


15SXS_VikingVI_Green_S1If you’re looking for family fun this summer and fall, you may be considering a boat; unfortunately, that’s actually a little-known acronym for “break out another thousand.”

Don’t get me wrong, boats are great if you live on the water, but I’ve seen so many friends buy them and then rarely use them.

ATVs are another story. Back in the day, using an ATV meant leaving most of the family at home. But this new line of all-terrain vehicles from Yamaha has room for the whole gang — and a bunch of stuff in the hopper as well. Aside from 25-inch tiers for great ground clearance, they have subtle amenities like cup holders all around and a lockable glove box to safely store your valuables while away from the vehicle. Here’s more information from yamahaoutdoors.com.

Yamaha Motor Corp.,U.S.A., announces a new utility Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle: the all-new 2015 Viking VI EPS six-person SxS. The extended cab Viking VI combines Yamaha performance and durability with the comfort and convenience of a Viking – now with maximum headroom,legroom and shoulder room for six occupants. Every Yamaha Viking and Viking VI is being assembled in the U.S.A. at Yamaha’s factory in Newnan, Georgia, for worldwide distribution.  Similar to the three-seat Viking introduced last summer, the new Viking VI is made for tough off-road duty boasting Yamaha’s industry-leading Ultramatic™ fully automatic transmission, On-Command® four-wheel drive system, Electric Power Steering (EPS) and Yamaha’s proven and powerful 700cc-class 15SXS_VikingVI_CAMO_A1_065[2]engine. With 600-pounds hauling and 1,500 pounds towing, Viking VI is made to be the toughest, hardest working and most off-road capable six-person SxS ever.

“Yamaha’s latest all-new Side-by-Side, the Viking VI, is a comfortable, convenient, tough and off-road capable vehicle, and we expect to see it working ranches and hauling hunters from Texas to California, Oregon to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV/SxS group marketing manager.  “The Viking VI is the natural evolution of a platform and concept that has captured awards, praise and market share since we launched the initial Viking last summer. Yamaha customers are excited and dealers are primed –we’re on the gas and expanding our SxS line today andfor years to come.”