You’re Going to Want This Terrific Hunting Chair


Hunting from a portable blind just got a lot more comfortable with the introduction of the Sniper Seat 360.

For whitetails and wild turkeys, time in a blind can pass slowly. You may have your guard down when suddenly that elusive buck or longbeard is standing right in front of you. If you’re deep in a standard folding chair, you may not be able to get up and grab your gear in time to shoot. Or you could get tired of standing or kneeling and take a nap (I admit I’ve done that).

The Sniper Seat 360 swivels silently and keeps you in an upright, ready-to-shoot position. It also has a camera mount in case you’re trying to film your hunts alone. Here are the details from the manufacturer.

sniper seat reclineThe Sniper Seat 360 is a feature packed shooting chair that meets the needs of multiple shooting scenarios. The adjustable legs with attachable discs allow for sturdy footing on uneven terrain, while the smooth swiveling seat allows for 360 degrees of rotation. Weighing in at only 25 pounds, and coming standard with backpack straps, carrying the Sniper Seat to and from your location is simple. From the woods to the range, this chair will go anywhere!

Are you a bowhunter? Then the Sniper Seat 360 will meet your ground hunting needs! Easily remove the arms for greater range of motion when ground blind hunting with your favorite vertical bow. For the shooter that wants something for use with his gun, the Sniper Seat 360 is perfect. The gun rest provides stability for your weapon that will enhance your accuracy while the 360-degree rotation allows for quick target acquisition.  This seat is remarkably comfortable, with reclining foam padded back and 16 by 11 inch foam padded seat, for those long hours on the hunt.

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