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10 Most Amazing Shark Stories and Videos

by Shannon Rikard


Each year, millions of viewers tune in to The Discovery Channel for what has become a tradition for many and a terror for others: Shark Week. This week-long tribute to the ocean’s toothiest and, to some, scariest creatures features stories that will leave shark enthusiasts on the edge of their seats and others running for cover. In honor of shark week, Field and Stream compiled 10 great shark stories and videos.

The Discovery Channel has lots of cool shark documentaries and specials on the docket for their annual salute to the apex predators of the deep. Well, we haven’t written about any extinct sharks big enough to swallow a whale. And don’t worry, they really are extinct—but these are the 10 best, and true, shark-related articles, blogs, and videos featured on Field & Stream in the past two years.

Photo: Stever Garner, Creative Commons