5 Awesome Tackle Tweaks


Tweaks… Why is it you can’t use a lure out of the box as-is? Even if you have, and you’ve caught fish with them, you’ll run into someone who will look at your “cash money go-to surefire lure” and say something like, “Those are nice, but have you ever tried (fill in the blank)?” Am I right? You know I am.

Some of my favorite fishing lures are irons, metal lures from manufacturers like Salas and Tady. There’s a whole ritual to picking them out and then “tuning” them for maximum fish catch-ability. Wired2Fish asked their readers for their favorite bass lure tweaks; here are five of their favorites.

DoubleSplitRingsTackle modifications that will help you catch more fish.

One of the best parts of our job is when we have the privilege of communicating with our readers. We read every email and comment from our readers and we always appreciate and enjoy your feedback. Just as we hope to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest fishing information, we often learn some pretty cool tips from our fans as well. In the past few months, several of our readers have commented on our feature pieces with their own tackle modification ideas.

Being the bass fishing addicts that we are, we’ve tried many of these ideas and have been impressed with the functionality and simplicity of them. In order to keep you “in the know”, we have compiled a list of some of our readers’ simple ideas that will help you get the most out of your fishing day.

Photos: Wired2Fish