Bass Fish On Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend is a busy weekend on the water. It seems anyone with a flotation device of any sort — from party barges to flimsy inflatable inner tubes — is suiting up and staking their claim to a spot at their local lake or river. It’s the unofficial start of summer and everyone is ready to escape the heat and enjoy water that is often warm enough to swim in. All the busy-ness and fun on the water may have you convinced that bass fishing is a lost cause, but Dave Wolak offers three tips to make the most of fishing on Memorial Day weekend.

“This is going to sound crazy, but because I fish heavily pressured waters a lot, I actually like when there are plenty of pleasure boats cruising around. If you can remember these three simple rules, you can use the traffic to help you score plenty of bass despite the army of holiday yahoos that are likely to plague your favorite lake next weekend.”

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Shannon Rikard
Shannon Rikard is a freelance writer and photographer with a passion for conservation and wedding and portrait photography. The Archery Trade Association and National Wild Turkey Federation have published her work. A self-professed word geek, she enjoys Wheel of Fortune, crossword puzzles, and finding a dynamite synonym to illustrate any point. After starting her career in public relations with a national conservation organization, she ventured out on her own with Copper Door Studios.