Honoring the Legacy of a TV Angler


Last year, Jose Wejebe, popular host of the TV fishing show Spanish Fly died tragically in a plane crash.  Wejebe was an accomplished angler and diver. He was equally adept with both conventional rod and reel as well as fly gear. On camera, he would often employ his diving skills to gain insight from the fish’s perspective. His enthusiasm would often bubble over on-camera, going from angler to diver while fighting the same fish! Do yourself a favor and look up some of his video exploits on YouTube if you’re unfamiliar.

Beyond his on-camera exploits, Jose Wejebe was a humanitarian. The Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation continues that legacy and is asking you to help celebrate his memory in honor of his birthday…

Jose_Wejebe_ the Legendary That same compassion is the core principle of the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to honor Jose’s legacy by matching his inspiration, dedication and passion for our marine environment, and continue his efforts to support those who face life-impacting challenges. Any donations to the Foundation will support their efforts to share the healing, bonding powers of nature and the ocean to mend one’s troubles. Jose always said “You get more than you give” when it comes from the heart and he was always humbled by those who expressed appreciation of his kindness. The JWSFMF is working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Veterans Recreational Department to take as many deserving people as they can on the fishing trip of a lifetime, the Spanish Fly way.

Photos: BD Outdoors (top), Bonefishflat.com (above)