How to Hunt Rabbits


Rabbit hunting is one of the best ways to introduce new hunters and kids to hunting and, when done right, is not only fun but safe. Turkey Country‘s Mark Fike says there are two ways to harvest cottontails, the most common being a small group of friends hunting with dogs. Whether you use dogs to roust rabbits from cover or prefer hunting without canine companions, learn more about effective rabbit hunting.

rabbithunters Photo by Mark Fike Courtesy of TurkeyCountryMagazine

Rabbit hunting is a great way to introduce new hunters, young and old, to our outdoor tradition. It’s truly a treat to hear the baying of pack of hounds and experience the chase of the long-eared, brown blurs while hanging out with friends… Other than a hunting license, hunters need a shotgun, blaze orange, briar pants, gloves and a game vest. Shotgun choice is personal. However, a 20-gauge is plenty. Some hunters in heavy cover resort to a 12- or 16-gauge shotguns. Any shot size from No. 7½ to No. 5 is fine.

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Photo: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (top), Mark Fike, courtesy of Turkey Country (above)

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