Lady Angler Catches A Super Cow


Typically for this time of year in Southern California, the focus is on bottom-fishing — rockfish, lingcod, sheephead, and the like. As an alternative, anglers that have the time and money will opt to go on the long-range boats out of San Diego for 8- or 10-day trips and longer. They are hunting for big yellowfin tuna off the southern coast of Baja, Mexico. Few fisherman can say they’ve caught a cow tuna (200 lbs. or greater), and even fewer can say they’ve caught a super cow (300 lbs. or greater). This week, angler Shannon Nutt joined the exclusive Super Cow club aboard long range vessel The Excel with Captain Justin Fleck.

Yellowfin_tuna_nurpBig fish of the day was caught by Shannon Nutt. She picked up a 325-pound yellowfin tuna, her personal best”. Continued Fleck, “Eric Mulhardt picked up a 284, his personal best. Ron Walker got a 277, which was his personal best. And Steve Lindsey had a 270, his personal best as well. Good fishing for us, and it was a great way to end the trip. We got some real trophies and everybody had a good time.”

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Photos: Western Outdoor News (top); Wikipedia (above)