Looking for Bass in All the Wrong Places


There are times in life when you need structure. Bass fishing, says professional angler Casey Scanlon, is one of those times. Though many anglers fish the banks for bass, Scanlon recommends finding brush piles. Here, he explains how to find brush at the right depth and location for the season, and reveals his top three bait choices to bring big bass into your boat.

1378397115_3216802_big-grass-fish-on-heavy-cover-jig-with-hackney Photo by Fishound

The state’s wildlife department, crappie fisherman and tournament anglers place most of them. The key to utilizing brush piles is finding them at the correct depth, figuring out the location of the best brush piles and using the correct baits.

Bass will use brush piles all year long, but my favorite time to fish them is in the summer. Once the fish make their way out to them, they usually stay there for several months, where they are easy to target and catch. Once you find the correct depth and the kind of banks they are relating to, you can duplicate this pattern and create a milk run of spots all over the lake. This is a great way to catch quality tournament-winning fish with consistency.

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Photos: Maine Department of Inland Fisheries (top); Fishound (above)

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