Must-Know Tips For Buying Bass Lures


When you fish for bass, do you trust only your tried-and-true baits to bring in big lunkers, or do you find yourself switching baits often, searching for one that will do the trick? You may have a well-organized tackle box with a clear idea of how each bait performs in certain conditions, maybe you spend a lot of time on the water trying to locate a bait you think will work, but can’t find. Field and Stream‘s Dave Wolak tells how to save time and money by shopping smart for bass lures.

“There was a time when, like many guys, I was easily sucked in by “bargain bins” and the latest and greatest lures on shelves. But over the years I’ve managed to refine my lure-buying methodology, not just to save money, but because I just don’t need lures that I won’t use or that don’t work taking up precious tackle box space. Whenever I pick up a lure, I pose one of these two important questions: Does it fill a functional void? Or, does it open up new and valid possibilities?”

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Photo: Bassmaster

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