Product Spotlight: Excalibur Matrix 405 Mega


The 400 feet per second threshold is one few bows can cross, and I’ve been anxious to see if the new Excalibur 405 Mega will live up to its name. I received the bow yesterday and found it quick and easy to assemble. The riser attaches to the stock by two bolts, making it just as easy easy to disassemble and transport in a standard bow case or roller bag. The DVD that came with the package was informative and made attaching the bow quiver, scope, and stirrup quick and easy. Since it was one of the first models available for 2014, I took it to Doug Mongan, my pro-shop bow specialist to see what he thought. Keystone Sports in Hagerstown Maryland sells a full line of guns, bows, and crossbows, yet this was the first Mega he had seen.

Excalibur 009We tested one of the 18-inch carbon Diablo arrows with a 150-grain field tip and got a speed of 386 with a makeshift chronograph. “That’s the fastest bow I’ve ever seen,” said Mongan, adding, “When we sell an Excalibur, we seldom see it again. They’re practically bullet proof.” I have a Wyoming elk tag and plan to tweak the bow over the summer and explore its full potential. For more information about the 405 Mega, go to the Excalibur Crossbow website.

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