Product Spotlight: Mathews’ Mission MXB Crossbow


Mathews has been a leader in compound bow technology for more than a decade, so it was only a matter of time until they entered the crossbow arena. Launched under the Mission brand, the new bow has a number of engineering factors that make it a prime prospect for anyone thinking of launching the horizon. First, the Mission MXB-320 and 360 models are engineered as very shooter-friendly bows weighing just 6.5 lbs., nearly two pounds lighter than some competitors. Instead of a standard stirrup, which adds length to the bow, the MXB has a cleated, no-slip tread on the riser, which shortens the bow and makes it easier to cock.

POMA 2013 148Although light and compact, the MXB-320 launches at 320 fps with 91.4 ft-lbs. of energy using a Mission 400-grain bolt, all from a 12-inch power stroke.  The MXB 360 features a 14-inch power stroke and top speed of 360 fps. By comparison, bows used for elephant and Cape buffalo rarely have more than 100 ft-lbs. of energy, so this Mission will handle anything in North America.

Power to the bolt is delivered by split limbs and a Hunter cam system. Draw weight is adjustable from 100–180 lbs. and can be reduced completely should some type of adjustment or repair be necessary in the field. The forend is molded composite with rubber inlays and a safety flange. The stock has 1.5 inches of adjustment so that it accommodates various lengths of pull, while the trigger is set at 3 lbs., ideal for accurate shooting.

POMA 2013 153Mission is introducing the MXBs into the hunting arena, but they’re also offering the MXB-320 tactical and the MXB-360 tactical with rail options. The hunting models are available in lost camo or black, with the tactical versions only available in black. In summary, the MXB-320/360 is a light, compact, shooter-friendly crossbow that can handle any hunting situation. MSRP for the 360 is a competitive $899, while the 320 lists for just $699. They’re easy to cock, have two safety features, and come with several optional accessory packages. Just add a Limbsaver crossbow sling, throw the MXB over your shoulder, and you’re ready to hunt.

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