Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi


Being a lifelong angler, you start building a bucket list of fish you’d like to catch someday… giant trevally, Niles perch, South American arapaima, and giant peacock bass are a few that come to mind. Typically, these fish are found in exotic places around the world, which only adds to their mystique. One fish that is definitely bucket list-worthy is the African Tiger Fish. These fish look like a striped bass, but have teeth that make you think sabre-tooth tiger!

Recently, angler Harry Morse was lucky enough to fulfill his dream and check this awesome fish off his personal bucket list. He traveled to the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe Africa to chase the legendary fish.

tigerfishThe African tiger fish is often equated to the South American piranha except tiger fish weigh up to 35 pounds and fight like crazy when hooked. Both have impressive sets of teeth and are vicious predators. I was fishing for tiger fish 10 miles above Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe Africa. The mile-wide river was coming down from flood stage and the bite was on.

I lost the first two tiger fish. Sleek, fast and prolific jumpers, they hurled the lure back at me as they cleared the water shaking their head. My guide was also shaking his head and muttering about keeping my rod tip down, not up, or I would lose every fish.

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Photos: Life of Sea blog (top), Idaho State Journal (above)