Tijuana-Ensenada Scenic Road Collapses


Rockfishing closes in California waters on January 1 and doesn’t reopen until March. The closure is designed to accommodate the spawning period for the fish. The problem is that typically January and February are slow months for other fishing because the water is cold. In order to combat the annual closure blues, many Southern California anglers opt to board boats headed south from San Diego, or drive south of the border to popular fishing destinations like Ensenada, Mexico.

A recent earthquake just limited the options for many anglers.

IMG_1928Days after a 4.6-magnitude earthquake struck south of Ensenada, the Tijuana-Ensenada toll road has collapsed toward the sea and threatens to continue sinking, though no injuries were reported.

The scenic road had already seen evidence of fractures and sinking since Dec. 19, the day of the earthquake, with many travelers posting pictures on social media of the increasingly critical situation of the highway. However, no official confirmation from geologist or road engineers have confirmed the collapse is due to the earthquake, with only the state government saying that “natural causes” were to blame.

Photos: San Diego Union-Tribune (top); SoCal Salty (above)