Wolves Kill Iconic Yellowstone Elk


One of the most controversial introductions in North America has been the transplanting of wolves from Canada into Yellowstone National Park. Man was once the ultimate predator and manager of the large mammals found there, but it’s now the wolf or — more appropriately — packs of wolves that have spread throughout the region. While humans manage big game populations with intelligence, taking more animals when numbers are high and reducing the harvest in lean years, wolves kill indiscriminately.  Colorado Elk 2010 054This post from OutdoorHub.com tells the story of a bull elk known as “No. 10” and includes a humorous video of humans interacting with him in Yellowstone. 

Although he was known to filmmakers and audiences simply as No. 10, this old bull elk was recognized by many as an international symbol for Yellowstone National Park. According to The Billings Gazette, his tenure as a celebrity monarch came to a close when wardens found that the elk had been brought down by a pack of wolves.

First “discovered” by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) during a documentary on animals living in the area, No. 10 rose to prominence as a powerful bull…

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Joe Byers
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