Hunting whitetail deer in the rugged lands of the West can be grueling.  Unpredictable weather and extensive dawn-to-dusk movement can challenge the best of gear.  Here are 10 whitetail-tested products that performed well:

Team a Swagger Bi-Pod with a Savage Model 110 Long Range rifle and you have one super whitetail combination.

Savage Model 110– Normally, a hunter must practice with a rifle to receive its full accuracy.  Over the past five seasons, I’ve flown to this camp and used a Savage Model 110 camp rifle with amazing success.  This year I used the 110 Long Range model in 6.5 Creedmoor which handled like a rifle I’d shot for years.  The AccuTrigger has led the industry in performance and the muzzlebrake virtually eliminated felt recoil.

Mission Sub One Crossbow- The great plains

The Mission Sub One is ideal for whitetails or turkeys.

team with wild turkeys and I’ve always wanted to hunt them in the fall.  Once my deer tag was punched, I used my Sub One and Hellrazor broadheads to take a tasty young gobbler.  The 10-yard launch downed the bird on the spot with a precise shot to its neck.

Hornady E-LDX Ammo- A rifle can’t shoot better than the quality of the cartridge it chambers, and I had every confidence in

Hornady developed the 6.5 Creedmoor, today’s most popular new deer round.

Hornady’s E-LDX rounds.  The Savage Long Range rifle was the perfect match for the top-of-the-line ammo that was developed through Doppler radar technology.   The 143-grain GMX bullet provides impact and penetration for near instant legality.

6.5 Creedmoor- The “.270” of our time, this cartridge has taken the deer hunting world by storm and for good reason.  Hornady developed the load with the goal of creating the most accurate hunting cartridge on the planet.  Instead of re-chambering a current offering, they started from scratch with long range accuracy the goal.

The author hunted in snow and near-zero temperatures and his feet never got cold thanks to Irish Setter Vaportek II boots.

Irish Setter Vaportek II Boots– A late fall hunt in the Great Plains inevitably involves snow and I brought a pair of pack boots to insulate my feet from the cold.  My host had a pair of the new Vaportek II boots in my size and I did the unthinkable- wear brand new boots on a hunting trip.  I was astounded with the results.  Not only were the boots comfortable, but they kept my feet warm from dawn to dusk, sitting or walking in zero temperatures.  Occasionally, I’d glance down at my boots and wonder, “Why aren’t my feet cold?”  In 50 years of hunting, I’ve never worn a more comfortable leather boot that insulated so well.  5-Stars.

Swagger Bi-pod- Long range shooting is impossible without a solid rest.  The Great Plains, seemingly flat, contain a myriad of coulees.  Whitetails and muleys use these ravines to bed and escape and most shots are either at an upward or downward angle, the perfect setting for the Swagger Bi-pod.  Thanks to its complete flexibility you can lock in the legs or allow them to pivot and flex for an instant rest shot at angles that standard bi-pods and shooting sticks can’t make.

Spraying down with Scent Killer is standard procedure for successful deer hunting.

Wildlife Research- Human scent spooks Western deer the same as those back East and spraying down with Scent Kill was a standard practice.  Additionally, I used Golden Estrus on my boots and found that deer often stopped to sniff it, even does.  Occasionally, we sneaked through dense cedar thickets where controlling scent was critical to success.

Vortex Optics- I’ve used this brand extensively over the past few years and have found their products to be durable and brilliant.  From scopes, to binoculars, to range finders, each has made me a more productive hunter.  For example, switching from a warm pick-up to zero temperatures on this hunt could have fogged a lesser scope.  My Vortex scope was bright and on target when opportunity knocked.

Pnuma makes a full line of technical gear that will keep you warm, dry, and in the game.

Pnuma Clothing- The light brown hues of the Pnuma pattern blend perfectly with the natural colors of the Great Plains, yet this gear is much more than camouflage.  The Waypoint jacket and pants form a complete hunting system with plenty of zippered pockets, excellent insulation, and knee pads that allow crawling and kneeling in cactus country comfortable and practical.

L-AV8- These infused socks help reduce the strain on feet and ankles while the L-AV8 face mask was a shield against the biting prairie wind.  It easily formed a face camouflage net and helped seal my insulation package.