Do you have your cameras posted? If not, Michael Waddell has words for you.

Do you have your trail cameras out right now? It’s a shocker to learn that over half of you don’t! What’s wrong with you? Do you not like velvet bucks, fawns, food plots, minerals, and growing antlers? Or is the problem not the enthusiasm, rather the glue between your rump and the couch? If that’s the case get moving, get your trail cameras out, and follow these 10 trail camera tips!”

I plead guilty as well, so here are those ten tips from Michael so that we do it right.


10 Trail Camera Tips

Trail Camera Tips 1: Trail Camera Location: When it comes to trail camera location, it can be dependent on what you want to take pictures of. Are you using the trail camera to scout, watch a food plot, or learn the behavior and pattern of a specific buck? Your answer tells you exactly where to place the game camera… [continued]

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