Many hunters eat what they kill. That is the way it should be, but is bobcat or even crow worth eating? Lets face it, bobcat probably isn’t in everybody’s collection of recipes. Yet.

I have stuck my fork in crow, and I have to admit it tastes a lot like chicken gizzards. I’ve not been able to bring myself to eat bobcat yet though.

Grand View Outdoors has come up with 5 weird wild game recipes that you must try. Maybe they aren’t all that weird to you, or maybe they gross you out just thinking about them.

Whatever the case might be, your next favorite dish might be closer than you think.

Maybe you’re after their pelts. Maybe you’re doing your part to combat an invasive species, like Asian carp populations that are growing at an alarming rate across the country and outcompeting native fish for food and habitat. Or maybe you’re simply protecting your property  and livestock against destructive varmints or dangerous predators. Whatever your reason, one thing is certain — these critters have to go. So when they do, what happens to the protein?

Here are five plate-worthy animals that deserve a spot at — rather, on — the dinner table.

1. Bobcat

If you’re an avid predator hunter, you’ve probably bagged your fair share of bobcats. But have you ever thought about eating them? More hunters choose to skin and tan the hides or use the carcass for bait but, for those who choose to eat bobcat, many claim the meat is delicious and (like the cliché for most things) “tastes like chicken.”

The meat is surprisingly white and delicate, like pork tenderloin, and maintains a good, crispy sear when grilled. Some simply fry it up in an egg wash with seasoned flour or throw it in a slow cooker.

Here’s a recipe for barbecued bobcat from the October 2011 issue of Predator Xtreme where the author, Keith Sutton, tried out three different recipes using the boneless loins, tenderloins and steaks. This recipe was his and his family’s favorite of the bunch.

You’ve already killed it, so why not try eating it? As Sutton put it, “It would be shameful to waste such delectable game.” [Continued]