Do you have a favorite day to be in the woods?  A day you will not miss.

A lot of hunters I know have that one day they will do whatever it takes to be in the woods.  Whether they have had success on that day in the past, seen a lot of activity, or just going by what other hunters have told them.

I love to hunt on Halloween day.  There is just something about that day that makes me get in a treestand.

Spencer Neuharth with Realtree talked with 10 whitetail experts to see when their favorite day is to be in the woods, and why.

10 Whitetail Experts Share Their Favorite Day of the Rut | Deer Hunting | The whitetail rut is a magical time to be in the woods. I reached out to 10 whitetail connoisseurs who have a track record for killing big bucks to see what their favorite deer day is – and the responses were surprising. The most compelling find was the wide range of answers, which went from October 28 to November 23. If the best dates could be circled on a calendar, though, it would enclose the dates of November 5 to 10. Six of the 10 hunters picked a day within that range as their absolute favorite time of the rut. This was the consensus best stretch to arrow a big whitetail, whether you hail from Oklahoma, like Clay Forst, or South Dakota, like Nick Mundt.

How the hunters came up with their favorite day was a mixed bag, too, but nearly everyone agreed that estrus rules the rut. One of the earliest responses was from Michael Hunsucker in Missouri, who said he likes early November because the first does are coming into estrous. On the contrary, Josh McDaniel in Indiana loves late November because only a limited number of does are left in estrous.

No matter how you look at it, anytime you’re in the woods come fall is the best time to be there. [Continued]