Many people, hunters or otherwise, have not had the opportunity to see a live alligator up close and personal.  The numbers of hunters that have not had the opportunity to stand just feet from a live, thrashing alligator is even larger.  Hunters dream of wild adventures, and hunting wild alligators from shore is about as adventurous as it comes.

There is something to be said about a man or woman that can stand on the shore of a gator-infested lake throwing treble hooks, hoping to snag a prehistoric creature. Then they reel the gator to the bank and are be able to put a bullet or arrow in a half-dollar size spot while staring death in the eyes to do so.  This type of hunting will put your strength up against that of a true alligator. 

The battle is only half over though when the gator is near the shore.  Then it is a matter of getting the gator to hold still for a shot and then calming your nerves to make the pinpoint shot.  When it is all said and done, the shaking is not going to stop for some time.  Your nerves are liable to be a little frayed.

I have had the opportunity to share this experience with my wife and other family members at Razzor Ranch near Arcadia, FL.  Stepping out of the truck to chase an alligator with my bow is something I had always dreamed of doing, but never knew if it would come true. 

After talking with Larry, owner of the ranch, I knew the opportunity was real and the chance for a true trophy gator with my bow was in reach.

After a long, hot day of hunting, our group went five for five for gators ranging in size from 7’ to 11’4”.  For some midwestern gator hunting rookies, that was a day we will never forget.

If hunting gators is something you have always thought about doing but didn’t think it was possible, think again.  The crew at Razzor Ranch has the property to fit your needs.  Whether it is hunting from an airboat or from the shore using a gun or even a bow, they can make it happen.

Alligator hunting provides great tasting meat, a cool trophy for your trophy room that is sure to strike up a conversation, and a hunt that you will be telling your buddies about for years to come.

The last bit of advice I have for you is if you have ever wanted to hunt alligators, call Larry at the Razzor Ranch and make it happen.