Just how far is too far when it comes to shooting at an animal?  Is there a point it becomes unethical to take a long shot?

Many hunters believe it is not really hunting if you are taking shots at an animal that is several hundred yards away.  In their minds, all you are doing is just shooting the animal that you have spotted from afar.

They think the challenge is getting close to the animal, that anybody can make long shots.

There are good arguments to both sides of the story.  Not just any body can make an ethical shot on an animal several hundred yards away.  But, isn’t the hunt being able to get close before you shoot?  How far have you shot to make an ethical kill?

And, a lot can go wrong with long distance shooting.

Everybody has their own opinion, and nothing will change that.

While you decide what is right for you, check out this video where David Hunter shoots a mule deer at 1,151 yards.