“It was this big!” Gone are the days when a sardine-sized catch could be transformed into a whale-sized trophy through the art of story telling — and a lack of photographic evidence. Digital cameras may have, for the most part, ushered out the practice of adding a few pounds to the weight of an anglers actual catch, but it’s hard to deny the convenience and portability they offer for any outdoorsman.

Of course, just because you have access to a Ferrari doesn’t mean you know how to drive it, and holding a digital camera doesn’t mean you can take decent photos. Dan Armitage offers 12 tips for taking better fish photos.

Fish-Photogs-2-400x600 Photo by Dan Armitage

Show some action!

In addition to the traditional “hero” shot of the lucky angler holding his or her fish up for the camera, take some shots of the angler removing the lure — especially if it’s colorful — or the hook from the fish, and shoot pictures of the fisherman releasing the fish back into the water. Sometimes those action images make the best photos of all!

What’s your number-one tip for taking better fish photos? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Photos: New York Department of Environmental Conservation (top); Dan Armitage (above)