Varmint shooting is just plain fun. If you’ve never tackled a prairie dog hunt, you are missing the ultimate in high volume shooting. Savvy reloaders from the upper Midwest spend the freezing winters reloading with the goal of ‘unloading” thousands of rounds on prairie dogs on the Great Plains. Distances are extreme, yet that’s the challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to reload ammunition for a great varmint load. Hornady has that covered.

Turkey Hunt and More

This spring, our turkey camp scored exceedingly well such that most of the camp tagged out early. Luckily, there were a number of prairie dog towns nearby and a couple of varmint rifles in camp. Several Hornady representatives were among the group and had brought both turkey loads and varmint ammo, specifically .22-50 and .223 Remington. As you will see in the video the weather on the Plains was unpredictable, yet the ammo was not.

.223 Rem and 22.250 Rem

Shooters can select from no less than 16 Hornady offering in .223 Remington including Superformance ammo that’s 100-200 fps faster than standard loads to .223 bullets in FMJ and those designed for steel. 22-250 Rem ammo also is offered in the Superformance cartridge with three additional bullet combos, some reaching 4,000 fps. Here’s a quick look at some of the action from the turkey hunt just before the snow fell.