5 Fall Turkey Hunts for Your Busy Schedule

Fall turkey hunting is all action.  If you need a break from sitting like a stone in your tree stand, why not grab a shotgun, or your bow, and head into the woods for a real challenge.  Fall hunting requires plenty of exercise and its better to crunch in leaves for miles than sneak silently a short distance. You want to locate a flock of birds and they leave plenty of sign as they scratch for acorns in the leaves.

Special Memory

When fall turkey hunting, you will probably find lots of fresh deer sign.

As a teacher I didn’t get vacation days and was really bummed as my uncle and father hunted opening day of the fall season.  When the last student left school, I headed for the mountains and arrived with the sun on the horizon.  My father told me that he had scattered a flock of gobblers high on the mountain and one might call in at dark.

Grabbing my gobbler box caller, I climbed mid mountain, stopped on a logging road and gave several harsh yelps.  Suddenly I saw motion 200 yards down the slope.  In seconds, I could see it was a turkey and it seemed to be headed right toward me.  Standing in the open logging road, there was no place to hide so I kept a large oak tree directly in the path of the approaching turkey.  I expected the bird to deviate from its course, yet it seemed to have a lock on the tree and came as straight as an arrow.  As the rustle of leaves grew closer, I slowly raised my shotgun and waited for the bird to emerge.  At 20 yards, it peeked that big red head around the tree and BOOM.  A mature fall gobbler on a 20-minute hunt.  Talk about bragging rights.

Scouting Too

If you worry about giving up prime deer hunting time to hunt turkeys, you can bet your time in the woods is a great investment.  If you don’t bag a turkey, you’ll find a ton of fresh deer sigh.

If getting time to hunt turkeys is a challenge, this post is designed for you:

Time is at a premium for many turkey hunters. Still, you miss hearing birds waking up on the roost, then drawing closer and closer to your setup after fly-down time. You need to hunt.
Try these five tactics for your busy schedule and tag a bird this fall.