The human face is like a mirror to wildlife and its natural shine can destroy any camouflaged disguise. Since our head moves more than any other body part when hunting, the face goes along for the ride, and definitely needs help. Head nets can disguise the facial shine, yet can interfere with vision and are often uncomfortable or end up around our neck instead of covering our face. Face paint is the best solution and has become quite trendy. Since many women wear make-up, putting color on their face is no big deal and the Outdoor Hub assembled a collection of five very attractive young women making the case.

There’s something about a girl who can hunt that guys simply can’t resist. You know what we’re talking about . . . the type of girl who would pick a day in a treestand over a night out on the town. The kind of girl who believes camouflage is the new black, and isn’t afraid to get dirty?