Wild pigs are destructive, a nuisance, and a menace to native species that are killed or displaced by marauding porkers.  Thankfully, wild pigs are fun to hunt, tasty, and can be down right challenging to lay on the ground.  Whether you are an archer or a rifle hunter, putting a wild hog hunt on your calendar can be a bonus opportunity you will want to repeat.

Great in Off Season 

Wild hogs breed year round, so there’s no real season to hunt them.  If you are looking for a hunting adventure in the off season, wild hogs can fill that void.  February and March are prime months in the deep South, because temperature are moderate and hunters from the “Arctic North” are anxious to escape the ice and snow.

Create a Combo

Turkey and hogs hunts are a great combination.

Hog hunts make ideal combination adventures.  In Texas, Florida, and throughout the South, deer and turkey hunters can add to their bounty by taking a hog or two.  I hunted the Texas management season last year with a CAMX crossbow and was fortunate enough to take a big 8-point buck on the first day.  Instead of sitting in camp, I opted for the hog option and ended up a 100 pounder at 32 yards.  The arrow caught both shoulders and pork chops reigned.

Inexpensive Action

With a rifle or bow, hog hunting will take all of your shooting skills.  Archers must pick exact spots on a target smaller than the average whitetail deer.  You must wait patiently until the correct angle presents itself, make an accurate shot, and follow up, often in nasty country filled with creepy crawly things.  Rifle hunters also must shoot accurately to down their pig, preferably on the spot.

More Reasons to Hog Hunt

I’ve touched on the benefits of hog hunting and Steve Hickoff provides more from this post on the Realtree Website:

I’ve been on many a spring turkey trip in places such as Florida, Texas and even California when a pig hunt broke out.

Why? Read on . . .