The more time you spend in a treestand in the rut, the better you chances.  One of my best bucks came on an afternoon in mid November when I needed to pull a camera card.  Finding lots of fresh sign near the stand, I climbed in and was rewarded with a shot in just 15 minutes in early afternoon.  Normally, I would have hunted early morning and late afternoon, an indication how mid day can be hot when deer are mating.

Staying Sharp

One of the challenges of hunting a treestand all day is staying sharp.  As the hours languish on, it’s easy to get sleepy, or careless with movement and noise.  Although I hate to admit it, a cell phone can be your friend to help stay sharp.  Put your sound on vibrate and you can communicate with your buddies about the day’s events.  Sharing pictures can help as well and when one person sees a deer, everyone becomes alert.

Pamper Yourself

Normally, I don’t take a lot of food and drink to a treestand unless I’ll be spending the entire day.  Because food and a hot beverage help to motivate my ambition, I take the extra time to pack my favorite snacks and a thermos bottle of hot chocolate.  In late morning when the air is cold and the deer woods settle down, pouring a steaming hot drink really lifts my spirits.  Coffee can help keep you sharp, yet its a diuretic and may have you climbing down to answer nature’s call.

Check in on the Hour

Some areas will not have cell service, so I use a walkie-talkie to check in with friends on the hour.  Anticipating a soft conversation with someone will make the time seem to pass more quickly and can be especially helpful after a shot.  If you need help, you can summon a friend to help you trail or retrieve you deer.

Mark Melotch was an editor with Bowhunting World for many years and his advice is easy to follow.  Here are his additional tips on YouTube: