Trail cameras can give hunters an edge during hunting season, but small mistakes made while installing trail cameras can add up to big letdowns during the season. Using a trail camera during the summer doesn’t guarantee success, since wildlife follow different patterns when the seasons change. But ScentBlocker’s Jason Herbert follows a five-step plan for summer surveillance.

Summer surveillance Photo by ScentBlocker

Summer trail camera use is a very controversial topic because of the fact that they are not foolproof. Some cautious hunters don’t bother to hang a trail camera until September. Other brave souls run them all year long. Many well-meaning hunters accidentally ruin a perfectly good season by being sloppy with summer trail cameras. A few false moves, getting a bit too close to a bedding area, a trail of human scent, and the deal’s off; that shooter will find someplace else to hang out.

It’s important to remember that almost every bull, buck, or boar will change his feeding patterns come hunting season, so treestands and hunting plans should not be based on summer movement. However, summer scouting is a great way to get excited and to take inventory. With the help of ScentBlocker products and a little woodsmanship, summer trail camera scouting can be a fun way to keep tabs of the local herd.

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Photo: Rachel J. Hays