Most men are tough to buy for. They have one (or more) of every tool known to man and certainly don’t need another sweater or necktie they’ll never wear. If they’re like my dad, their taste in music and movies is so obscure, you wouldn’t know where to start looking for a CD or DVD he’d enjoy. If you’re in need of a gift for Dad, Grandpa, or one of the other men in your life, try one of Andy Whitcomb’s six gift ideas for anglers.

“For me, my Dad introduced me to the wonders of fishing, and I’d like to return the favor with a fishing adventure for him. In fact, according to a nationwide survey, a family outing was named the best type of… gift, beating out traditional sports tickets and power tools. Or if you prefer, maybe just a boating or fishing related gift.” … [continued]

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Photo: Arizona Game and Fish Department