Each year the shooting industry rolls out their latest and greatest products in Las Vegas at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) and this year was no exception.  From archery to tactical to hunting, new products were everywhere.  Here are a handful of standouts:

Burris Oracle
The Burris Oracle bow sight calculates range to target with the push of a button.

Burris Oracle– Calculating range to target is one of the most difficult aspects of bowhunting.  Is that buck 30 or 40 yards?  Knowing the exact range is critical to success and the Burris Oracle has the answer.  This incredible sight calculates the distance and selects an aiming point with the push of a button.  No more pin confusion or guestimating between pins.

The Oracle solves many bowhunting problems including these:

Extreme angles– Shooting at steep angles up or down hill can be a challenge and the Oracle automatically adjust for extreme angles.  Often hunter shoot over a deer’s back when faced with this challenge, but no more.

Zero glass– In inclement weather, glass scopes and sights can fog or reflect light unnaturally.  The Oracle has no glass so there is nothing to fog or reflect.

Torque Reduction– The oracle comes with a rear sight like a peep sight.  This is a tremendous help eliminating torque and tames errant arrows right and left.  A built-in bubble level maintains proper shooting alignment as you practice.

Pin-gap estimating– Where is your 37-yard pin?  Shooting at odd ranges requires extra time to gauge a precise shot.  The Oracle loads an exact aiming solution instantly with no need to calculate before release. www.burrisoptics.com

Boyd’s At-One Adjustable Gun Stock

Boyd’s At-One stock adjust for length-of-pull and comb height with the push of a button.

Owning a custom rifle is a dream of many hunters and shooters.  Like tailored lacks or a sports coat, the garment fits your body exactly because the rifle was built to your measurements, most importantly comb height and length of pull.  Boyd’s has plucked this “pie-in-the-sky” dream and brought it to an affordable reality with a gun stock that adjusts with the push of a button.

The At-One stock lengthens or shortens the length-of-pull and raises or lowers the comb height to your personal specifications.  Better yet, your custom rifle will also fit your son, daughter, or brother by making the same push-button adjustments.

As longer-range shooting becomes popular, you will quickly learn how important a tailored rifle stock can be to accuracy.  You’ll operate the trigger better and develop better sighting habits because the gun stock fits you properly.  Check them out at your nearest gun shop or on-line at www.boydsgunstocks.com


Kimber’s new Mountain Ascent is the lightest production rifle you can buy.

Kimber Rifles– If you walk with your rifle, and most hunters do, you know how heavy that gun can become.  Most rifles start at seven+ pounds and become closer to 10-pounds when you add a scope, rings, and a sling.

The Kimber Mountain Ascent line of rifles tackles this weight problem like a defensive lineman offering a full-blown big game rifle at 4 pounds, 13 ounces.  Just imagine how much easier and farther you can travel by carrying nearly half the weight of the average big game piece.  Even pulling the rifle into a tree stand or managing it from a ground blind, cutting the fat from your hunting rifle can make you a better and more efficient hunter.

Best of all, Kimber’s new Mountain Ascent rifle offers all of the features that the Kimber brand is known for- A sub MOA guarantee, three position safety, and control round feed.  Pick one up at your nearest gun shop and you’ll be amazed how light and nimble this rifle feels.  For the dealer nearest you and for more information, check www.Kimberamerica.com


This camera is designed for long range and delivers a great image in an instant.

GSM Bull’s Eye Camera- GSM has been a leader in camera technology for years as witnessed by the many Stealthcam videos and images you see on-line.  This innovative company has taken their experience in the woods to the range with the introduction of the GSM Bull’s Eye Camera that’s designed to eliminate the need to walk down range or use bulky spotting scopes.

The long-range external antenna edition is ideal for shooters shooting at any distance up to, and over, 1 MILE, sighting in their firearm, target practicing or developing loads. Completely self-contained, the long-range edition sets up in under a minute and is ready to use. The external antenna allows you to shield the box without disruption of the WIFI signal.

Additionally, think what a great long-range scouting camera this will make.  You can closely examine antler configuration as the camera brings distant bucks into touch-me range.  Check it out at www.gsmoutdoors.com


I took this mature 8-point with the Savage 110/Vortex combination. It makes a great package.

Savage Rifles– The New Apex Hunter 110 Hunter XP is the perfect package for any big game or varmint hunter.  The Savage 110 line has long been a favorite of deer hunters (me included) with the advantages of an adjustable length of pull, adjustable AccuTrigger, and chambered in a host of the most popular calibers including 6.5 Creedmoor.

The Apex Hunter 110 Hunter comes with a 3-9x40mm Vortex® Crossfire II scope that comes mounted, bore-sighted and ready to hunt. The Crossfire II’s Dead-Hold BDC reticle makes it easy to place accurate shots at extended range, and the optic is securely mounted to a one-piece EGW 0-MOA rail.

I paired a Savage Model 110 and Vortex optics last fall for a hunt that took just 10 minutes, thanks to the accurate set-up.  Opportunity knocked quickly and my Savage set-up was spot on, taking a mature 3.5-year-old buck in short order.

Check out this great package at www.savagearms.com

Hunt The Web
Use your hunting skills to earn one of 1,000 prizes in this cool contest.

Hunt the Web- Benchmade Knives has moved up opening day of  “The hunting season” to February 19th when they will launch their exciting “Hunt the Web” contest.  Paralleling a real adventurous hunt, participants are challenged to complete six stages from beginning the quest to tagging their animal.  This digital hunt can be conducted with any computer, tablet or phone, so it’s ideal for off-hours or at work (If you don’t get caught.)

The hunt is designed to deliver prizes to 1,000 successful “hunters” with the top prize valued at $1850.00.  You’ll need all your hunting, stalking, and observational skills to end successfully, but what better way to spend the off season?

Along the way, check out some of the coolest and sharpest knives in the industry.  Visit https://www.hunttheweb.com/Rules.aspx

Sport Chief is a Canadian brand known around the world for quality hunting and fishing products.

SportChief- Founded in 1946 SportChief is a based in Canada and known worldwide, yet not so much in the USA.  Look for that to change as they introduce a host of hunting, fishing, and outdoor products to outdoor-minded men and women across the country.

A perfect example is the Spring Creek Turkey vest that balances the convenience of multiple, zippered pockets and a water-tite seat with a trim design that won’t bulk you up.  Additional features include a padded back with padded shoulder straps, easy access pouch for glove and mask, a compartment for decoys with added padding to prevent noise, and a retractable adjustable back with magnets.

Sport ChiefCamouflage products can be ordered in Mossy Oak, Realtree, a proprietary SportChief and other patterns.  Canadian weather is often harsher than we experience “down south,” so expect to find just the protection and high-tech gear you need to fish and hunt successfully.  www.sportchief.com