American deer hunters are truly blessed with tremendous diversity in hunting options. Speaking as one myself, we can take advantage of early seasons, late seasons, special seasons, and a host of other options not always offered by our home state. The Realtree network selected what they view as the eight best states in which to hunt deer this season. So there’s no reason to let state borders fence you in.

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Deer hunters are a unique — and very diverse — group of people. We come from different walks of life. Some of us love bowhunting. Others love to use the boom sticks. And yet others prefer both. In short, we’re all different.

Much is the same for each state that holds huntable deer populations. No two are alike and each one offers different levels of opportunity. In this list, you’ll find the top eight states for whitetails this year. This report is based off of our Antler Nation deer hunting grading system. Below are the only eight states to receive A grades for 2016. Click on the link for each one to see why they ranked the way they did… [continued]