I have a dozen whitetail shoulder mounts on my man cave walls and one of the most appealing is a deer taken in South Carolina on August 16 that was in full velvet. For many hunters, a velvet buck is one of the most desirable trophies, since most state seasons don’t open until after that magical soft surface has been rubbed. Realtree’s Josh Honeycutt reveals eight states that can give you a shot at fuzzy horns.

I’m certain that many of you are ready for opening day. And as July comes to a close, it won’t be long before deer seasons start opening up. As has always been the case, different states hold different season lengths. Some states are notorious for starting in October, while others begin as early as August or September.

Most hunters that I know dream of killing a white-tailed buck in velvet, especially bowhunters. It’s one of those things that many people want, but few get a chance at, simply because most season dates don’t accommodate the pursuit of a buck in full velvet. But some do. Here are eight states where you can potentially settle your pins — or crosshairs — on a big velvet buck… [continued]

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