tricktreestandIf you’re like me, your treestand is hung in the tree just as it comes out of the box. No fancy gadgets or other fluff added.

But maybe we’re missing out on items that would make our hunt more comfortable. After all, a comfortable hunter can often stay in the woods longer. And we all know that the more time we spend in the woods improves our odds of shooting the buck we’ve been scouting all summer. Field & Stream has came out with eight simple and inexpensive add-ons to our treestand that could make your next hunt more enjoyable.

With $125 worth of easy add-ons and D.I.Y. tweaks, you can turn a favorite ladder stand, like my Millennium L220 ($400; ­millennium​, into a silent Barca­lounger in the sky—comfortable enough to sit in all day and quiet enough to get the drop on the cagiest bucks. Whether you’re enduring a rainstorm or a freeze, these improvements will help keep you in the hunt for as long as it takes… [continued]

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Photos: TreeTread (top); Field & Stream (above)