Hunters need quality products that perform in difficult conditions.

A well-constructed video expands the imagination, motivating, challenging, inspiring and a prompting a host of emotions.  This creation from Benchmade engages all those sensations and becomes a mental template, alpha to omega, of the hunting experience. It also prompts serious thought about choosing the best hunting gear for your needs.

Factory to Field

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Posted by Hunting on Friday, July 21, 2017

Quality is Paramount
Quality Matters
Hunters need quality products that perform in difficult conditions.

Where does your gear come from? Is it made in China, Taiwan, India, or right here in the USA?  How important is quality construction and performance in the field?

If you’ve worn a pair of waterproof boots on a hunt and suddenly felt the slosh of water between your toes, you know the frustration of product failure.  Or, a scope that fogged up at the moment of truth.  Hunters spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in preparation for that special moment afield and gear failure due to poor quality devastates.

“As a brand, we strive to be the leader in the industry,” says Asset Manager Alex Brown, the archer seen in this video.  “We strive for our knives to be the sharpest, best in quality, and edge retention using extremely precise manufacturing standards,” Brown says.  “No product goes out the door with any level of blemish.  We don’t cut corners when we make our product and hold ourselves to the highest standard to execute it.”

Producing the Video

Once the manufacturing portion of this one-minute video ended, Alex Brown emerged as the bowhunter taking to the field in Bozeman Montana.  With two decades of stick-and-string under his belt, he felt right at home throughout the hunting sequence.  “Even though the clip is quite short, 10 people worked on the production,” Brown said.  “It was fun for me until we got to the kitchen scene where an experienced actress played the female role.  Without going into detail, I have a much greater appreciation of the skill needed to be an actor,” laughed Brown.  “After a 14-hour day in the mountains, it was out of my league.”

As the video shows:  Craftsmanship Counts

Quality lasts… and performs.  Outdoor gear must meet a higher standard than traditional sports equipment.  If a tennis ball is flawed or a baseball bat cracks, the user simply chooses another.  Hunters, campers, and adventurers seek a higher standard because their safety, indeed their survival may depend on performance.  Craftsmanship counts double above the timberline or when 200 pounds of venison is at stake.

Outdoor gear must meet a higher standard than traditional sports equipment.

Through the power of video, you can visit the Benchmade plant in Oregon City, Oregon.  The companion video “Factory Tour” at takes you through the entire knife building process from raw material to razor sharp edge.  It shows the step-by-step process of building a knife, utilizing the skills of 35 people along the way.

Hunting Necessity

A quality knife is a necessity, not a nice to have.

A knife is an integral part of downing a big game animal and bringing its bounty to our table.  A sharp dependable blade is a foundation tool when camping and nearly as important as binoculars, a compass, or matches.  Once an animal is down, the proper blade allows for efficient field processing that maximizes meat retrieval and slices the celebratory tenderloin that sizzles in melted butter.  Thanks to Alex and the rest of the Benchmade team, this video exemplifies that so well.  Enjoy “Factory to Field.”