Motion activated cameras allow us to capture rarely seen glimpses from nature. This YouTube video is about as real as it gets and you are going to see a mountain lion stalk and kill a deer with no editing involved. If you have any doubt that a huge cat, hunting at night, can’t kill a deer or elk, watch and see for yourself. Keep in mind that this is one of the reasons mountain lions are hunted and their numbers controlled. This deer could have been a giant buck with antlers to protect itself, yet would not stand a chance.

Swift Death

Mountain lions, like African lions, kill their prey quickly by attacking the animal’s vulnerable neck and don’t begin eating until the animal is dead. Although this may sound ridiculously obvious, compare it to the dog family- coyotes and wolves. Had this deer been attacked by a pack of wolves or coyotes, they would have attacked from the rear, eviscerating or hamstringing the animal so that it couldn’t escape and immediately eating it. Eventually the animal dies, but the death must be horrific. Back to nature, see it in its raw reality.