The world of shooting and hunting has converged on Las Vegas for the annual Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Show, where most major shooting products are introduced. Here’s a quick look at some of the newest offerings.


Savage Arms A17 17 HMR
Savage Arms continues its track record of innovation with the all-new A17, the first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the 17 HMR cartridge. Its unique delayed-blowback action performs to its peak with new A17 Varmint Tipammunition, which CCI® developed specifically for the rifle. The A17 also provides safe, reliable operation with standard 17 HMR loads. The hard chrome bolt, case-hardened receiver, 10-round rotary magazine and button-rifled barrel boost performance even
further, while the user-adjustable AccuTrigger™ provides a crisp, light pull for the best possible accuracy in the field or on the range.

2015_New2_Product_OverviewStevens 555 Over-And-Under
Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its new 555 over-and-under shotgun. Its light aluminum receiver is scaled to gauge and incorporates a steel insert that reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. The fast-handling 555 also features a Turkish walnut stock and forend, shell extractors, a manual safety, and a single, selective mechanical trigger—at a price that’s unmatched among comparable over-and-unders. Five interchangeable choke tubes allow the 555 to meet any shooting need.

Federal Premium 3rd Degree
As turkey loads have been engineered to pattern more tightly and reach2015_New4_Product_Overview
farther, they have also become less forgiving at close range, leading to missed birds. New Federal Premium 3rd Degree uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload to deliver lethal patterns at any range. The leading section of the payload—20 percent of the pellet count—is made up of No. 6 nickel-plated FLITESTOPPER lead. Because these pellets release from the wad first and have a deadly cutting ring, they disperse quickly and create a larger effective pattern inside of 20 yards. The next 40 percent of the load is copper-plated No. 5 lead shot, which creates a dense, even pattern at moderate ranges. The final 40 percent of 3rd Degree’s payload consists of No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT pellets. The tungsten-iron material’s high density gives the shot more energy than No. 5 lead shot at 40 yards and beyond. Plus, its increased pellet count results in more hits on target at long range.

Bushnell Elite Riflescopes
For 2015, the renowned Elite line of2015_New4_Product5_Overview
riflescopes has been reengineered to offer three
levels of high-end precision—the Elite 3500, 4500 and 6500. They offer elevated performance for the real world and a tangible commitment to building the sharpest, clearest and brightest optics available today. Fully multi-coated optics combined with Bushnell’s exclusive Ultra Wide Band Coating process boost light transmission during those final minutes of shooting light when game animals are most active. The patented RainGuard® HD coating offers a permanent barrier that beads water to scatter less light and give a clear view in conditions that would render untreated optics unusable. They are torture-tested to ensure reliability in the heaviest magnums, and are backed by Bushnell’s 100% Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee.

Primos Double Bull Double Wide Deluxe
The Cadillac of Ground Blinds is the Primos Double Bull Double Wide Deluxe.2015_New_Product5_Overview
Simply put, this is the best built ground blind available. It is completely loaded with features that have been refined through years of hunting experience. Key designs such as the zipper-less door that allows you to enter the blind silently
and our silent slide window adjustment that allows you to set up perfectly for gun or bow hunting make this blind a lethal tool. Add in the best fabric for weather and concealment and our newly designed hub system that makes setting up and taking down the blind easy and the Double Bull Deluxe lives up to its name. If you want the very best, you need the Primos Double Bull Double Wide Deluxe.