Hunters are aggressive toward the animals they hunt. Normally, prey species aren’t vengeful and run away from hunters regardless of the circumstances. Exceptions may be grizzly bears and the occasional black bear that has been wounded or cornered. Tigers, on the other hand, show a revenge trait that makes getting close very dangerous, plus, they don’t forget. If you caused harm to one of these huge striped cats, it will remember you and retaliate.

Cape Buffalo

Nikki Atcheson hunted Cape buffalo a few years back and had an amazing experience with a vengeful animal that nearly killed her. She was hunting with a party of trackers and a Professional Hunter, typical for African safaris. They came upon a large buffalo in brush so thick, Atcheson could only see parts of the animal. “Shoot right there,” whispered the PH and she aimed and fired. The buffalo was badly wounded, yet did not die. Eventually, the bull ambushed the group as it followed a blood trail. The bull ran past the native trackers, bowled over the Professional Hunter who fired ineffectively and went straight for Atcheson, goring her with one horn and tossing her like straw in the wind. Eventually, the buffalo was killed, yet it critically wounded Atcheson. Did it “know” that Atcheson was the shooter? Or, was this just a strange coincidence?

This post is based on a presentation by National Public Radio (NPR), an unusual source for an outdoor post, yet one you will find interesting:

Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) cub, India

So. . . apparently tigers are as vengeful as they come, and if you happen to cross one, it won’t forget you any time soon. An article featured on NPR, talks about a story from John Vaillant’s book The Tiger that tells a gripping and gory story about what it’s like to stalk – and be stalked – by the largest species of cat still walking on this planet.

The story centers around Vladimir Markov, a poacher who learned first hand just how vengeful these animals can be after he shot and wounded a tiger, and then took part of the its kill.