Whitetails in the southern regions of the country are not normally as big as the corn-fed Midwestern whitetails, but even this deer is a little small for southern standards.

In the photo above, Ben Ready of Tallassee, Alabama, holds the unique dwarf deer he killed. Ready said the buck was 25 inches to the top of the back and 44 inches from nose to tail.

Deer & Deer Hunting has the story.

It seems like Alabama’s turning out some crazy stories recently about whitetail deer on both ends of the scale. Just a few weeks ago we had this story about the giant buck hit by a truck. That happened northwest of Birmingham. Now, Joe Ready of Tallassee, which is in central Alabama, has one of the most unique bucks we’ve ever seen. It’s a dwarf whitetail. He killed the deer while hunting over the weekend of Jan. 23-24. Alabama’s season runs through Jan. 31 in its North Zone and Feb. 10 in the South Zone. Ready said the deer stands 25 inches at its height and is 44 inches from nose to tail. It’s one of the most unique deer we’ve ever seen… [continued]

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Photo: Ben Ready