How about winning a brand new Bear bow with your cell phone?  The rut is finally upon us and the folks at the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) are offering a host of prizes for images posted on social media. Immediately, you may think this requires a Boone & Crockett-class hero shot, yet the contest is broken into several categories many of which you will be participating in from November 1 to the 15th. If you use full size SLR’s like Nikon or Cannon, pack them along so that you always have the image capturing ability with you as you sit in a tree stand. Maybe a small buck chases a doe past your stand or two bucks get into a fight just out of bow range. Trail camera’s are an excellent way of capturing images that humans rarely see such as bucks working scrapes after dark. Since you are in your hunting phase, why not re-deploy some of your scouting cameras to locations where deer will likely mate, congregate, rub trees and other deer behaviors of the rut. QDMA didn’t forget about the social aspect of deer hunting and you an enter images from camp

Few elements bring out the joy of hunting like a campfire. Get the gang together and start clicking.
Few elements bring out the joy of hunting like a campfire. Get the gang together and start clicking.

life, getting your gear together, hunting with a youngster for the first time and a host of other ideas. QDMA has established five categories for this contest, one of which is “group or deer camp.” If you have the fun of hunting with teenagers, imagine the fun they can have with this. Since cell phones are practically an appendage, you can bet they will have creative ideas of personal expression and the more youth you get together, the more imaginative it becomes. If your mental state seems stuck in a rut on bagging that big buck, try building a campfire the night before the season when few hunters can sleep and watch the pixels fly. You’ll build a portfolio of memories and maybe win prizes in the process:

Are you hunting the whitetail rut? The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) wants to know about it and is offering prizes for the best social media photos tagged with #RutRollCall from November 1-15, 2016.

To answer QDMA’s #RutRollCall and enter the contest, simply post a hunting photo on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) between November 1 and 15, tag the relevant QDMA social media account, and use #RutRollCall in the post. After November 15, QDMA will select the best photo entered in each of five categories: 1) In the Deer Stand, 2) Deer Harvest, 3) Youth, 4) Group or Deer Camp, and 5) Team QDMA (includes a QDMA logo in the photo). QDMA will also select an overall winner from among the five category winners.