The Archery Trade Association represents independent archery and gun shops around the country and once each year they hold a convention at which manufacturers and small entrepreneurs showcase their products.  All the big names attend like Hoyt, Mathews, TenPoint, NAP, and organizations like The Outdoor Group which represent a portfolio of products such as Duel Game Calls, CAMX crossbows, and others.

Many New Products

Dealers attend the show to buy the products they will display in their stores in the coming year so the stakes are high for both the sellers and the buyers.  Information from ATA is important to sporting men and women like you since you may be about to buy one product when there’s a better one on the way.  Also, new products such as packs, blinds, broadheads will emerge this year and you can anticipate their availability.

Thousands of Products

You must be a licensed media person (like me) or operate an archery business to participate.  Thanks to, here’ are 10 products from the first day.  Check them out and keep tuned as I post more video and review products that have great promise for the year ahead.

Talking Triax with Lee Lakosky and Levi Morgan.