Many bow hunters spend an entire season waiting for that moment of truth, when you come to full draw, anchor, and release. The feeling is pure adrenalin which is why this video will amaze as you see monster big game animals squarely in the bow sight. These video taped shots can also be learning experiences as well. Whether you shoot with a vertical or horizontal bow, when you take the shot is critical. If you practice regularly on a moving target, it’s OK to release as an animal is walking but for most of us, such practice sessions are difficult to obtain. In most cases, hunters can make an estrous or female animal sound which will cause the animal to stop. If you take this route, be sure that you are at full draw and that the animal’s vitals are clearly visible. Last season, I spotted a big whitetail walking toward my bottleneck and I put the crossbow scope on the deer as it walked behind a tree. When the rutting animal emerged I gave a loud verbal “baaaa” and it stopped for an instant. My voice revealed my location and the buck was about to run, but the arrow had launched and took it through ribs. Check out these shots and see if you’d make the same release or waited for a better opportunity.