Whitetail deer antlers are as amazing as they are interesting.  As hunters, most dream of double drop tines, heavy mass, an excessively wide rack, or one that will make the record book.  Whitetail deer have specific antler genes that may be passed on to offspring, the reason that managed deer ranches seek out the very best genetics to introduce into their herds.  None are as unusual as this “rambuck.”

Super Non-Typical

“Deer-size and smaller African antelope are called “rams” instead of bucks.

Since whitetail deer antlers are still growing in late summer, most will be in velvet, yet few if any will look like this “rambuck” shown in the lead photo.  Non-typical bucks with unique rack configurations are unusual but not rare.  A couple of years ago, I missed a buck that had an extra main beam, a painful fact I learned when it was taken by another hunters.  On the positive side, I killed a buck in 2016 that was both a non-typical and still in velvet in November, a stag.  That was a double whammy of unusualness, yet not as rare as this unique deer.

Unique Antlers

Try this one on for size: We came across photos of a buck that’s actually a doe, but looks like a bighorn sheep . . . yeah, we’ve been wrestling with this one all day.

Check out this bizarre looking rack on a deer that’s been dubbed “rambuck” for the way its antlers look almost identical to those of a bighorn sheep