This incredible bear footage may seem like one of those “crazy videos” (and it is) yet what you will see happen is not uncommon. I had a good friend who went bear hunting in Canada and had a bear sniff the base of his tree and then climb to just below the stand. This not only happened once, but two more times to the point that the hunter, turned a video camera on himself and made a “death tape” telling his parents that he loved them and he’d probably not survive the night. I was once invited to hunt black bear in Alberta and upon my arrival, the guide was excited to show me the big bear he had killed. He was in a stand that I was to hunt when the large bruin approached the bait and came running.

Bear Danger

The guide was convinced that the bear would attack and shot it in the head when the bear’s claws touched the stand. It’s worth noting that bears in Canada and the eastern US behave very differently toward humans. Pennsylvania Conservation Officers often crawl into a bear den in winter to tag and do research on sows and cubs. One even joked about having to take the mom’s temperature with a rectal thermometer. Black bears in Canada are the same species, yet numerous fishermen and hikers have been killed and eaten by black bears. This Facebook video doesn’t say where it was made, but my money is on Canada. Also, the surprise at the end is another matter and I’m sure if that bear tried to climb the hunter’s tree, the outcome would be very different. Watch and enjoy, yet realize that this could happen to you whether you are hunting bears or whitetail deer. It’s funny, until its your tree.