Decoys can be a game-changer in hunting success.  However, the user must always be aware that a big game or turkey decoy represents the hunting aspirations of other hunters.  This archer used a Montana Decoy model of a whitetail buck and rifle hunter shot it.

Ultra Lifelike

Always use decoys with great caution.

The danger of using a realistic model of a whitetail buck during a firearm season is fairly obvious.  Luckily, the archer wasn’t carrying a full body image of a deer or the outcome could have been tragic.  Montana decoy models of deer, elk, and turkeys fold into a tight circle that can easily be carried in a pack or under your arm. I’ve used and been a fan of Montana Decoys for many years and find them so realistic that they startle me.

They offer a line of elk decoys which I use during archery season.  Normally, I post a cow within shooting distance of my concealment to distract an approaching bull.  Numerous times, I’ve turned my head slightly and reality of the decoy surprises me.

Safety and Decoys

When using decoys, always consider the worst case scenario.  Although you may be hunting on private land where other hunters are not allowed, it doesn’t mean that a poacher or unethical person isn’t nearby.  With wild turkeys, deer, and elk, I always place the deke in a position so that I am protected from a poacher.

If you use calls, the chances of luring that slob hunter to your area increases, so double down on safety.  Carry your decoy to and from the hunting area while wearing hunter orange, a requirement in some states.

Here’s the Story

f you use a decoy when hunting whitetail deer, you definitely need to see this.

A bowhunter recently had a little too close of a call when he was hunting over his super realistic Montana Decoy, and he took to Facebook to share his experience.

The bowhunter who shared the post says he had the buck decoy set up only 11 yards in front of him . . . during an open gun season!

Sure enough, a gun hunter apparently came in, saw the faux deer and fired away. The bowhunter was lucky he wasn’t in the line of fire.