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Bowhunting requires a big block of time and dedication. To excel at it, you must be outfitted with quality equipment that has been tailored specifically for your needs. Don’t expect to shoot your new bow — even if it’s an expensive name-brand — with automatic deadly accuracy. There’s so much more to it than that. A pro shop technician is indispensable in getting you properly outfitted with the correct bow, specs and accessories. with Heritage Outdoor Sports @Michael Price Louis Price

Posted by Hunting on Friday, August 9, 2019


What’s the first thing you want to do when you get a brand-new (or new to you) bow? Shoot it, of course!

I used to be the guy that hurried to tie on a d-loop, slap on a rest and sight, and hit the range ASAP. But I discovered that a little bit of planning and patience upfront will result in a much smoother setup, tuning, and sight-in process in the long run. Now when I get a new bow, I’m much more methodical about the process that I go through before I start sending arrows downrange.

Heading to my local pro shop should be the first thought that enters my mind to be sure the bow is set up perfectly to fit me. Mike and Louis Price at Heritage Archery in Phelps, N.Y., have this process down to perfection. Regardless of what brand bow you shoot – and whether or not you’re setting up a brand-new bow, setting up a bow that you purchased used, or even looking to re-tune your existing bow, the process and customer service remain the same. I ended up shooting the 2019 https://hoyt.com/Helix in blackout and fell in love with it.

Having The Right Help

The process of finding your proper draw length is not rocket science but getting it correct is vital to your success. Selecting your proper draw length is equally important as choosing the right size shoe. If you are a runner and your shoe size is too big, your performance will not be so graceful. If your shoe is too small, then you are guaranteed to experience some pain even if you are walking only a short distance in them. Just like a pair of shoes that are made to fit a certain size foot, every bow is designed to accommodate a specific range of human factors including arm length or draw length. It is impossible for an archer to learn proper archery shooting form if the draw length and bow size are too small. Next, setting up proper peep sight height and aliment is the finishing touch before you place a quality sight, rest, and stabilizer on the bow.

Proper Draw Length

Compound bows are a little different from traditional recurves and longbows. Unlike traditional bows which can be drawn back practically any distance, compound bows are engineered to draw back only so far – and then stop. This distance is known as the bow’s “draw length” – and it’s controlled by the mechanical systems on the bow. The trick is … the mechanical setting of the bow and the physical size of the shooter need to match. If your physical size requires a bow with a draw length setting of, say, 29 inches, then it can be said that “your draw length” is 29 inches. So both YOU and the BOW have a draw length to match up.  Determining draw length fitment begins with measuring the person (more on that in a moment) and then finding a bow which can adjust to fit that person – not the other way around. It’s important to note that compound bows are designed to be shot only from the full-draw position – that is, with the bow drawn all the way back (until it stops).  If a compound bow is set for a 29″ draw length, for example, it should always be drawn back to a full 29″ and then shot from that position. You should never attempt to shoot from the middle of the powerstroke. You only shoot after you reach full draw. If you haven’t shot a compound bow before, don’t worry. It’s much easier to “feel” than explain. It’s almost like opening a car door.  You just know when the door is all the way open and when to stop pushing, right?  Same with a bow.  You’ll know when you’re at full draw; it’s quite obvious. You draw the bow back until you feel the mechanical stop – then you take aim – then you shoot! Easy.

Selecting the Right Accessories

Whether you just bought a new bow or simply want to give Ol’ Reliable a facelift, you’ll have fun outfitting your compound bow with accessories to improve its performance. To stack more arrows into the bull’s-eye than you ever thought possible, visit your local pro shop and study your options for the accessories in real-time, not on the Internet.

  • Quality rest
  • Sight that fits your situation
  • Arrows that match the set-up
  • Stabilizer
  • Quiver
  • Silencers
  • All from https://fusearchery.com/

Ready For Fall

Besides checking trail cameras and scouting, we are also selecting where last-minute stands should be hung and we start paying more attention to  trail camera data to see which big bucks have called our farms home for this fall. There is no better feeling than sitting in the early morning light or late evening chill sitting in a tree with a bow in hand.

Fall is just around the corner, and we are looking forward to putting the Hoyt Helix to work.