You are about to see an unusual video of a bull moose taken from a tree stand.  It’s a bit graphic and if that disturbs you, please don’t watch past the shot.  I highlighted this video for several reasons which I’ll quickly highlight so that you can get to the show.

Full Draw Practice

How long can you hold at full draw.

This is a fair chase situation where a bull moose enters a field near the hunter’s stand.  Just like a big buck, the bull steps to the edge of cover and then waits… and waits.  The hunter is at full draw and must keep his mental and physical cool.  Do you know how long you can hold your bow at full draw and still shoot accurately?  Holding at full draw is rarely practiced, but it should be.  Also, knowing how long you can hold the bow is important.  It give you a better understanding of when to draw and helps determine when to let down.

Hunt Moose like Deer

If you are an avid tree stand whitetail hunter, you may do well to use the same tactic for elk, or antelope, or mule deer.  Normally, these critters are hunted via spot-and-stalk, yet a tree stand is a tremendous advantage if you are in the right spot.  Should you be in a difficult hunting situation, keep this trick in the back of your mind.

Watch as this archer keeps his cool and makes an incredibly lethal shot: