The author with a 163-inch whitetail buck. This could be you.

“The Ultimate Guide to Crossbow Hunting” was published one year ago and the response from the hunting community has been very positive.  “With nearly 400 pages and as many photographs, it is designed to be a comprehensive “how-to” for crossbow hunters,” Byers said.  “Last week I did a check on and was delighted that the book earned a full 5-stars.”

All About Hunting

As a traditional and compound hunter for 40 years much of the

Lots of getting started and how-to information.

information in the book is appropriate for bowhunters in general and even firearm hunters.  The chapter, “Moment of Truth” looks at how hunters like Bill Jordan, Bob Foulkrod, and others keep their emotions in check and make lethal, accurate shots at times of great excitement.

Lots of Adventure

Several chapters feature adventure hunts.

The book features chapters on adventure hunting in Alaska, Africa, and Canada including a hunter who stayed in a tree stand all night to outwit a huge black bear.  Several chapters include the adventures of three crossbow hunters who took a plains game safari in South Africa and bagged 15 animals with 15 arrows.  The size of animals ranged from 75 pounds up to 1600 pounds and included data on ranges of shots, broadheads used, and interviews with the hunters.

Making the Switch

“The Ultimate Guide to Crossbow Hunting” rolls out the camo carpet to rifle hunters who may want to try bowhunting for the first time.  Instead of hunting deer with a rifle for two weeks a year, learning to use a crossbow effectively can provide months of outdoor enjoyment.  The book describes several popular models of crossbows and takes you through the steps of buying a bow, arrows, targets, and the other gear you will need.

Makes a Great Gift

With the holiday season around the corner, the book makes an excellent gift for any hunter, especially a youngster who can benefit from a complete discourse on general hunting.  Written in non-technical terms, you will especially enjoy how a Christmas crossbow bagged a lad’s first deer and the Father and daughter who score on turkeys each year.

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