Many bear hunters love the spooky thrills of watching a black bear bait as daylight wanes, never knowing what will sneak from the bush as silently as a shadow over silk. Big bear, little bear, color phase bear, or perhaps a wolf? Aside from having a good bait, waiting silently and motionless, there’s another way to boost your percentage of success especially on a large mature bear — a bear call. Jerry Peterson introduced this call method decades ago and those who followed his lead found that they were able to call in mature bores, animals that usually appear well after dark. Like a rutting deer, the sound of an estrous bear moan overpowers their caution and they approach. Calling bears doesn’t bring a bruin on the run every time, yet what an easy and inexpensive (under $20) way to bump up your odds — especially for a big mature bore!

Peterson explains the call process and demonstrates the nuances in a brief video. Here’s some of what he has to say:

Alaska Bear one 134Can you really call bears? You bet you can! 

The Callmasters All-In-One Bear Talker is an extremely versatile call that produces both boar and sow vocalizations. The sounds this bear call makes are designed to illicit responses based on breeding interest, social curiosity, and territorial protection, and the results can be impressive.

The unique thing about the All-In-One Bear Talker is the inhale/exhale design. When you exhale you get the aggressive sounds of boars fighting, and when you inhale you get the moans and breeding sounds of the sow.