Deep snow parks the average four-wheeler in the shed, yet Can-Am’s Apache Backcountry Track System can have your quad climbing mountains like a mountain goat. A heavy-duty track system allows a quad to climb mountains with amazing power. Here’s a quick synopses of the equipment followed by a most entertaining video that shows the Apache Back-country Track System in action.

Deep backcountry snow and challenging winter conditions have sometimes lead to more cumbersome results with tracked ATV. The all-new Apache Backcountry Track System, from Can-Am accessories, has forever transformed ATV operation in harsh winter environments and deep snow. With its unprecedented, unparalleled and unbelievable engineering and performance, the new track kit offers a fresh approach to winter exploration, allowing Can-Am ATV owners to answer the call of the wild.
The Apache Backcountry Track System combines snowmobile technology with the Apache 360 Track System’s trademark execution, delivering the highest ground clearance, most floatation and best deep-snow performance of any track kit.
Unprecedented Innovation
The aggressive track includes 2-inch lugs for superior traction. When combined with the industry’s largest contact patch, create by a 13.5-inch front track and 14-inch rear track, the Apache Backcountry Track System supplies maximum floatation and nearly continuous pull in deep powder.

If you love snow machines, you’ll love this action-packed video in the mountains in deep powder: https://r3—,ipbits,expire,id,itag,source,requiressl,ttl,mm,mn,ms,mv,pl,mime,lmt,cp&signature=75C9F9FB8FC65A66810AA2CEF1AC7A86C55C15B4.862A6E3AEB3E6B039C9970BA7A857AE7ADD83E1F&key=ck2&app=explorer&driveid=0B5ONTOI3GIhEUTBTRURRRjdJSkE&cpn=Xpwtv8ZxH80baPZl&c=WEB&cver=1.20170214